Rev. S. Daniel

Mar 1995 to Dec 2006 & May 2015 to Continue…

Rev. Daniel Suppogu served the Church from 01st March 1995 to 10th December 2006. He was ordained as Deacon (1996) and Elder (1998) by Bishop S.R. Thomas. During these years the Church grew gradually with many new introductions like monthly songs, monthly bulletin, Birth Day cards, felicitation of retired members, transliterated songs book for Sunday School, weekly Bible Study, Condolence Prayers in bereaved families, Revival Meetings, Gospel Camp, Scholarships to the students etc., also constructed Parsonage and Sunday School Hall. All the organizations strengthened, Mrs. Louise Daniel took care of the WSCS and encouraged the women in the activities. Church Experienced new heights in all aspects.

Rev. Daniel Suppogu ayya after serving Parel Telugu Church for 8 years, transferred to Ambernath Church in 2015 and serving the Lord.


Rev. E. Devavaram

June 2007 to April 2015

Rev. E. Devavaram was appointed in June 2007 and served the Church till April 2015. Before he was appointed to Ambernath, he served as Asst. Pastor to Parel Telugu Church, as Pastor of Bandra Telugu Church and Govandi Telugu Church, presently he is pastoring Kalyan Telugu Church. In his tenure the Church further reached new heights, numerically and financially, more opportunities are given to members to involve in the Church activities. The attendance in worship increased. Mid-week prayers on every Wednesday were introduced. 'Transliterated Andhra Chraistava Keerthanalu' book is printed A Prayer Centre was started in Badlapur. Now he is serving in Kalyan Telugu Church.

Rev. Dr. Y.D. Purushottam

May 1993 to Feb 1995

Rev. Dr. Y.D. Purushotham, who served earlier as Pastor of Methodist Kannada-Telugu church Ambernath, was appointed by Bishop Stanley Downs as the first Pastor of the Methodist Telugu Church, Ambernath, serving from 01st May 1993 to 28th February 1995. Though he was serving Borivali English Church and living in Byculla, he took pain to travel to Ambernath to serve the Church. Later he served Kurla Telugu Church, Nerul (Navi Mumbai)English Church and Parel Telugu Church and took Voluntary Retirement and living in Ambernath.